Gemstone Biotherapeutics Completes $1.6M Second Funding

Gemstone Biotherapeutics LLC, a biotechnology company based in Baltimore, completed a $1.6m second funding round.

The round was led by founding investor Gamma 3 LLC with participation from an international healthcare fund.

The company, which has raised $2.45m in total, intends to use the funds for further testing, regulatory submittals and initial clinical trials of its biosynthetic scaffold technology. which is targeted for the management of a variety of chronic and acute wounds.

Founded in 2013 by Gamma 3 LLC, based on technology developed by Dr. Sharon Gerecht and licensed from John Hopkins University, Gemstone Bio is dedicated to the field of regenerative medicine. Its full patent portfolio includes core technologies that utilize cell engineering methods and biomaterials to promote vascularization, a critical component in advanced tissue repair and regeneration.
The initial therapeutic product is a biosynthetic scaffold for advanced wound healing applications.

The company is led by George Davis, CEO.



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