Re-Bello Raises up to €500K in Funding

re-bello-logoRe-Bello, a Pineta di Laives, Bolzano Italy-based sustainable fashion startup, raised up to €500k in funding.

Backers included listed investment firm LVenture Group (LVEN.MI), and Made in Italy focused vc Italian Brand Factory, which will provide the funds in three tranches, if specific milestones will be reached.

The company will use the capital to expand and consolidate in Italy and Europe.

Re-Bello, whose brand orginated by the union of the words REvolution and BELLO (beautiful in English), develops and supplies sustainable and GOTS and ECOTEX 100 certified clothes made via innovative textiles, generated by combining natural fibers such as eucalyptus, cotton, organic and bamboo.
The brand is currently distributed via 240 stores in Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, and Germany.

The company is led by Daniel Tocca, CEO.



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