I AND C-Cruise Raises $2M from Fenox VC

iaccI AND C-Cruise Co, Ltd., which operates Green-EnergyNavi.com, a Japanese solar power web portal, raised $2m in funding.

Fenox Venture Capital made its second investment in IACC.

The company intends to use the funds to consolidate its lead through the Green-EnergyNavi.com portal, and launch a new venture focused on the electric power distribution market as it becomes deregulated in Japan in 2016.

Led by Kazuyuki Uemura, CEO, IACC operates a marketplace that matches solar power solutions to consumers’ energy requirements in the $8 billion domestic household solar panel market in Japan. The platform, which counts more than 50,000 subscribers, as well as 500 manufacturers and service providers, presents consumers with user reviews and cost estimates for comparison and selection of products from multiple vendors. Consumers are also given practical information such as best practices, government subsidies, and tax incentives for using solar energy.



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