US Venture Capital Firms Raised $5.6 Billion During Q4 2014; $29.8 Billion in 2014

According to the Fundraising Report by Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), U.S. venture capital firms raised $5.6 billion from 75 funds during the fourth quarter of 2014.

Fourth quarter 2014

48 follow-on funds and 27 new funds were raised during the fourth quarter of 2014. This represented an increase of 14% compared to the number of funds raised during the third quarter of 2014, but a 9% decrease by dollar commitments. Fourth quarter 2014 venture capital fundraising was lead by Menlo Park, California-based Canaan X, L.P. which raised $675.0m, and San Francisco, California-based Formation8 Partners Fund II, L.P. which raised $500.0m. The largest new fund was from San Francisco, California-based Presidio Partners 2014, L.P. which raised $140.4m for the firm’s inaugural fund.

Full year 2014

Venture capital firms raised $29.8 billion from 254 funds during full year 2014, a 69% increase by dollar commitments compared to full year 2013 and the strongest annual period for fundraising dollars since 2007. By number of funds, full year 2014 was the busiest year for U.S. venture capital fundraising since 2001, when 324 funds were raised. 96 new venture capital funds raised $3.0 billion, a 76% increase by dollar commitments and 50% increase by number of new funds.

The largest venture capital fund raised during full year 2014 was from Andreessen Horowitz Fund IV, L.P., which raised $1.7 billion during the year.



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