CaerVision Global Acquires Vitall

vitall-watchCaerVision Global, Inc.(OTCPK: SUGO), a Frederick, MD-based company that focuses on acquisition and development of technologies with applications in the healthcare and wellness industry, completed the acquisition of Vitall, Inc., a provider of wearable health monitoring devices.


The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The transaction marks a step forward in CaerVision’s strategy to provide technological solutions in the healthcare marketplace.

With the close, the company will be headed by Vitall’s founder and CEO Jack Zhang who has lead the multi-national team in the development of a number of products, including a multifunctional Smartwatch dedicated to the health and wellness industry. Mr. Fred Pucillo, Jr. who served as the interim CEO and a director of the predecessor company American Mineral Group has retired.

Vitall provides 24-hour personal health response monitoring services associated with its products to subscribers, primarily the elderly with medical or age-related conditions. The company’s products consist principally of a multipurpose smartwatch which serves as a speakerphone, a heart rate monitor, and has a personal help button which is worn or carried by the individual subscriber and which, when activated, initiates a telephone call to the company’s 24/7/365 emergency response call center.



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