Bubbles Launches with Micro-Seed Funding

bubblesBubbles App ltd, a Dublin, Ireland-based innovative messaging app, has been launched with a microseed amounting to €50k comprised of cash and services.

Luigi Valerio Rinaldi’s Enry’s Island backed the startup, which has been developed in Taranto, Italy.

Co-founded by Ermes Amadio and Angelo Peluso, Bubbles provides a mobile messaging app based on an emotional idea: to allow senders to deliver messages in the future, which will open at a given time as a “TimeCapsule”, and receivers to get messages from the past.
People can write messages, attach images, set up the date and time, send the Bubble to friends: at the moment fixed by them, the message will open. It does not compete with real time messengers.

The company is currently seeking additional funds to continue to scale operations.



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