HitFox Group Launches FinLeap


Berlin, Germany-based HitFox Group has launched FinLeap, a fintech company builder.

Led by serial entrepreneurs and HitFox Group founders Jan Beckers and Hanno Fichtner, PayPal Europe’s former Strategy Director, Jochen Siegert, and more entrepreneurs, finance and technology experts such as Nasir Zubairi, FinLeap will launch 4 to 6 FinTech companies per year with substantial seed funding of €0.5-€5M per company and a set of resources for founders to focus on products.
FinLeap has offices in Berlin and San Francisco.

Within the next 12 months, it expects to hire more than 150 professionals for the company builder and its subsidiaries.

Founded in 2011 by Beckers, Fichtner and Tim Koschella, The HitFox Group is a company builder with 300 employees across ten companies in the fields of AdTech, Big Data and now FinTech in Berlin, San Francisco and Seoul.



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