Bottlenose Receives Equity Investment from KPMG Capital

bottlenoseBottlenose, a Los Angeles, CA-based provider of a real-time trend intelligence platform, received an equity investment from KPMG Capital.

The amount of the investment was not disclosed.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Nova Spivack, and Web technologist Dominiek ter Heide, Bottlenose provides a cloud-based trend intelligence solution that analyzes real-time streaming data for enterprises to identify, anticipate and monitor trends driving their businesses. It identifies actionable patterns in streams of data from multiple sources in real-time, and provides a cross-correlated view of the trends that can affect a client’s business.

KPMG Capital also secured a license for KPMG member firms to use and deploy the Bottlenose application, Nerve Center™, as a tool to generate strategic insights to help clients to investigate, assess and address present, historical, and emerging trends that may impact the most critical growth, risk and performance areas of their business.



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