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comindwareAs entrepreneurs and managers handle projects inside their organization, the use of the right tools becomes critical.

At a global level, both growing and established enterprises need to implement projects on time, on budget and with minimal problems for the entire business.

In a few words, managers need to access innovative easy-to-use tools which simplify their life.

In this contest, an answer can come from Woburn, MA-based Comindware, which designs applications and services for Project Management. In particular, its Comindware Project software, available in the cloud and on-premise here, is designed to allow project managers to simplify everything from planning, to cross-company collaboration to availability of documentation and discussions. A comprehensive suite that can satisfy companies operating in several industries.

Let’s have a look at the features of the platform.

Project Planning
Managers can plan complex-leveling projects leveraging the Comindware Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) chart, which allows them to create tasks and activities and drop them into the right place. With the automated priority-based planning feature, they can schedule projects by assigning tasks and defining priorities while a specific tool is designed to import project plans from Microsoft Project with no need to re-submit it manually into Comindware Project.

Project Tracking
Considerating that tasks are often completed either ahead of the due date or delayed, the Comindware Gantt-chart automatically reschedules the rest of the work to be done, so that the plan is always updated and presents the real status of the project, actual estimated milestones, and achievable deadlines. Managers can also use baselines to make snapshots of the project plan as it was at a particular date and set up task deadline alerts to be updated if tasks are behind schedule and need attention.

Project Team Collaboration
Comindware Team Network is an enterprise social tool designed for professional project execution. Shipped free with Comindware Project and aimed at boosting employee engagement and productivity, it allows team members to collaborate in the context of a project with no unstructured group e-mails. They can access to both project-based and company-wide activity streams and to separate rooms to discuss specific matters across the projects (product launch, sales collateral, etc.), document Management, company directories to find the person with particular skills, in a particular department or location, for a specific task and award employees.
It is also possible to invite external partners and customers.

Project Resource Management
Comindware Project allows project managers to track resource and avoid that the same people are assigned to multiple projects, which can negatively affect productivity and motivation. To prevent this, the software allows users to allocate resources to different projects based on the distributed workload information. In the case of larger teams and projects, they can assign individual managers to pools to facilitate the control.

Supported browsers include Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 (and higher) Chrome. iPhone and Android apps for mobile are available.

Led by Max Tsypliaev, the company also has offices in Munich Germany.



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