Radio VC – Podcast #1 – Data, VC and Private Market Disruption

bigdataResearching and investing in private companies, as it already happens in public markets, is becoming more data-driven. Some startups such as Mattermark, Datafox and others have launched platforms designed to help investors scout potential hot companies.

In the first episode of our new podcast initiative (read here), “Data, VC and Private Market Disruption” I and my co-host Tobia De Angelis (@tobdea, VC analyst at LVenture Group) speak about this with Brandon Gadoci, Head of Services & Research at Disruption Corp and Principal at Crystal Tech Fund, and Armando Biondi, co-founder and COO of AdEspresso, and angel investor in Mattermark and other 10 companies.

Can data help private market investors picking the right company? If yes, to what extent it can happen? Let’s try to figure it out



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