Radio VC, A New Podcast Initiative to Analyze VC Trends

Mobile is eating the Internet, traditional industries and day to day activities are continuously disrupted to simplify the life of and delight end users. Sensors on mobile devices promise to change our world, bring a real advantage to us and unleash the power of health, environment, transports, among others. The tech world is in continuous evolution and follow these processes is one of the main challenges for investors.

In order to try to understand these trends and how they impact our lives, FinSMEs is teaming up with LVenture Group, an Italian venture capital firm, to launch Radio VC a new podcast initiative focused on venture capital.

What’s the future of the industry? Is crowdfunding an enemy or an instrument to leverage for vc? Can Big Data help improve the investment decision making process? What’s the impact of Bitcoin? Can emerging markets open new opportunities? How to create an effective “exit” ecosystem? These are just a few questions to propose to industry experts worldwide and to try to get them answered.

With the target to bring knowledge and share it with you, Ermanno Cece, founder of FinSMEs, and Tobia De Angelis, venture analyst at LVenture, will host venture capitalists, angel investors, and entrepreneurs from all geographies to find answers and discover trends, discover, surface, highlight new opportunities, based on their activity, their beliefs, their thesis, on how they see the future of the tech and vc world.

tobia-de-angelisTobia De Angelis (@tobdea)
Analyst in VC, hustler, guitarist, college dropout. 25 yo living in Rome. In early 20s in the event/music business as consultant, booking agent, event promoter (1K>10k ppl). Got involved in the tech industry as a biz dev/sales @Harpa Italia, an Italian company specialized in software products for big enterprises. Currently Analyst at LuissEnlabs/LVentureGroup, micro VC firm + accelerator in Rome (Italy).

ermannoceceErmanno Cece (@ermannocece)
Italian, Political Sciences gradauate, FC Juventus fan. Reporter, newswriter, blogger. Founder and curator of FinSMEs, a Forbes 100 Web Site for Entrepreneurs.

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