TutorGroup Receives Strategic Investment from SBI Group

TutorGroupTutorGroup, an online education platform and English-language learning institution, received a further strategic investment from SBI Group (formerly known as Softbank Finance Group).

SBI Group invested in TutorGroup through its education-focused fund SBI-Fudan Fund and and will help the company expand across Asia, including Japan in the near future.
For TutorGroup, the investment follows a recent Series B round, which totaled nearly $100m (read here)

Launched in 2004 by Dr. Eric Yang, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, TutorGroup provides real-time interactive language learning through more than 2,000 teachers in 30 countries and 60 cities around the world. Its synchronous learning portal connects online learners and teachers around the globe, and dynamically recommends the optimal class size, learning pace and content combining software, the individual student’s history, and data analytics.

The technology stack also serves as a 24/7 support module, a CRM tool, student and teacher memory, course management, and a “classroom manager”.

Through this platform, TutorGroup currently offers online language-learning courses, such as:
TutorABC and VIPABC for English-language learning for students in the greater China region, TutorABC Jr. and VIPABC Jr. for English language learning students between the ages of 8 and 18, and TutorMing for Chinese language learners internationally.



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