Seres Health Launches with $10.5M in Series A Financing

Seres Health, a Cambridge, MA-based clinical-stage therapeutics company, launched with $10.5m in Series A financing after two years of development in stealth mode.

Flagship Ventures and others backed the company.

Led by Dr. David Berry, CEO and Co-founder, Seres Health is a clinical-stage therapeutics company developing novel products to treat a host of disease conditions based on novel scientific findings related to the human microbiome.
Flagship VentureLabs, the innovation foundry of Flagship Ventures, began developing the technology platforms underlying Seres Health in 2010 after a three year exploration into the biology of the human microbiome – the microorganisms that exist in the human body.

The company is now developing candidates for the treatment of infectious, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases. Its lead candidate, SER-109, is currently undergoing clinic testing for use to treat C. difficile infection, a major cause of antibiotic associated diarrhea.



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