Scratch Wireless Raises $5M in Funding

Scratch Wireless, a Cambridge, MA-based provider of a “Wi-Fi First” mobile service, launched today with $5m in funding.

Backers included CommonAngels, the founders and industry partners.

Led by CEO Alan Berrey, chairman of the Board Eric Giler, Vice President of Product Development Michael DeJadon, and vice president of marketing Jon Finegold, Scratch Wireless has launched a free mobile service for text, data and voice. Through partnerships with manufacturers and network operators, the company offers consumers Android smartphones with free mobile service.
In contrast to traditional contracts, Scratch Wireless aims to make text, voice and data services free when a user is on Wi-Fi. When they are away from Wi-Fi, the company will offer pay-as-you-go access to cellular data and voice with no contract or obligation. Texting is free whether users are on a Wi-Fi network or not.



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