Bountysource Raises $1.1M in Seed Funding

Bountysource, a San Francisco, CA-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting open-source software, raised $1.1m in seed funding.

Backers included True Global Ventures and contributions from founder Warren Konkel.

Originally founded in 2004 and restarted in 2013 by Warren Konkel, Bountysource is a community-oriented marketplace for funding open-source software projects.
The platform’s bounty model also allows developers and users to create incentives for bug fixes, feature requests, and other items by offering a monetary reward or “bounty.” Bountysource integrates with most open-source development services, including GitHub, Google Code, Bugzilla, and Launchpad, and runs an IRC channel — #bountysource on Freenode — for the community to chat directly with the Bountysource team.
The company is also working with corporate sponsors, like Adobe and Uber, who have a vested interest in supporting open-source projects, which often serve as integral parts of a company’s engineering infrastructure.



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