Natera Completes $54.6M Financing

Natera, a San Carlos, CA-based genetic testing company, completed a $54.6m financing.

Backers included two new lead investors OrbiMed Advisors and Harmony Partners, as well as other undisclosed new investors. All existing investors, Claremont Creek VenturesLightspeed Venture Partners, Founders Fund and Sequoia Capital, participated in the round.

The company intends to use the funds to continue the global rollout of its non-invasive prenatal test, Panorama™.

Led by Matthew Rabinowitz, Ph.D., CEO, Natera develops a proprietary bioinformatics-based technology (NATUS) to deliver accurate testing for reproductive indications from tiny quantities of DNA. Natera operates a CLIA-certified laboratory in San Carlos, Calif., providing a host of preconception and prenatal genetic testing services. The company offers:
– pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to identify chromosomal anomalies or inherited genetic conditions in embryos during an IVF cycle;
– products-of-conception testing following miscarriage to analyze fetal chromosomes in order to understand the cause of the pregnancy loss;
– non-invasive prenatal testing to determine paternity;
– carrier screening tests to detect whether parents carry genetic variations that may result in disease in the child; and
– Panorama, a test for pregnant women that identifies the most common chromosomal anomalies in a fetus as early as 9 weeks .



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