Bioceptive Receives $1.1M Funding

Bioceptive, Inc., a New Orleans LA-based medical device company focusing on women’s health, received a $1.1m funding.

New World Angels (NWA) made the investment in collaboration with the Special Equities program of Calvert Equity Portfolio. In conjunction with the funding, Orin Levy, MD, MBA, a NWA director, joined Bioceptive’s board of directors.

Led by Stewart B. Davis, MD, Chief Executive Officer and President, Shuchi “SK” Khurana, Chief Operating Officer, and Benjamin D. Cappiello, Chief Scientific Officer, Bioceptive has developed a novel, IUD (intrauterine device) inserter expected to enhance the safety and efficacy of insertion procedures globally. From its 2010 launch, the Bioceptive inserter device is currently in late development phase with preclinical testing underway.



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