MedAdherence Raises $200K in Funding

MedAdherence LLC, a Norwalk, Connecticut-based company that uses cloud and mobile technologies to provide an automated communication system so healthcare practitioners, raised $200k in funding.

The investment was made by Connecticut InnovationsPre-Seed Fund, which had already committed $150k in 2011 (read here).

Led by CEO and founder Jonathan Katz, MedAdherence provides an automated system that enables doctors to monitor patients and intervene remotely (with customized messages delivered through a range of communications tools including cell phones, landlines, text messaging and the Internet) to ensure them adhere to prescribed care plans.
The technology is suited for patients with any kind of chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease, as well as for maternal/prenatal health and HIV/AIDS care.

The company is currently conducting pilot projects with several customers including Tulane University School of Medicine, New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, University of Maryland Medical Center and University of Mississippi Medical Center. MedAdherence is also a partner of Verizon Wireless.



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