Openfund Launches €10M Second Fund

Athens, Greece-basedseed capital firm Openfund recently started operations for its €10m second fund.

Supported by the European Investment Fund under the Jeremie program and other ten private investors, Openfund II will work with entrepreneurs in two stages:
a) pre-seed, starting from an investment size of €50k to turn an idea into a product, and
b) seed, with an investment of up to €500k, to focus on turning an existing product into a working business.

Led by general partners Aristos Doxiadis, Nikkos Frangos, Georgios Kasselakis, and Constangtine Pateras, Openfund will partner with up to 25 pre-seed and 10 seed stage companies operating in software, mobile, and web-based areas, founded and based in Greece, within the next 3 years.

The startups will be mentored by 50 experts (read here the list).

The call for the pre-seed stage will remain open until January 31, 2013 (here).



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