Quantum Wave Fund Raises $30M

Boston, MA-based venture capital firm Quantum Wave Fund has raised $30m in capital.

The firm, which aims to raise $100m, backs innovative companies that utilize quantum materials and technologies commercialized to solve real-world challenges such as providing safer data transmission networks, creating new materials with superior properties, optical sub-micron transistors, high-frequency optical electronics, new systems for ultrasensitive imaging of the brain, and accurate clocks for navigation systems.

Led by Dr. Serguei Kouzmine, managing partner, Dr. Serguei Beloussov, venture partner, and Dr. Vladimir M. Shalaev, member of the Scientific Advisory Board, the fund invests from $2m to $10m in early stage companies with developed products all over the world. In addition to funding, Quantum Wave Fund will help these companies to improve processes in engineering, production, marketing and sales when ready to supply these devices to the global market.



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