Cisco to Invest $6M in Venture Capital Fund Monashees Capital

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) has committed to invest $6m in Monashees Capital.

Monashees Capital is a Sao Paulo, Brazil-based venture capital firm focused on Internet companies and online education investing from R$500k to R$5m in Seed or Series A, with additional funds reserved for follow-on rounds (see here the backed companies ).

The team includes: Bernardo Srulzon, Carlo Dapuzzo, Eric Acher, Fabio Igel, Fábio Macchia, Guilherme Décourt, Gustavo Bresler, Gustavo Fujimoto, Letícia Faria, Marcelo Lima, Mariana Correa, Roberto Trevisan, Thiago Rached and Vanessa Zadi.

Cisco already invested $15m in Redpoint



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