Quantason Completes $3.2M Series B Funding

Quantason, a Los Angeles, California-based developer of screening technologies for the early detection of premalignant breast lesions, has completed a $3.2m Series B funding.

Backers include:
Carolyn Bivens (a founding member of USA Today and Commissioner of the LPGA),
Michael DiGregorio (former CFO at Korn-Ferry International and St. John Knits),
Jeffrey LeSage (corporate partner at Gibson Dunn),
Peter Seidel (former partner at Madison Tyler) and
Martin Sarafa (founder and Managing Partner of Century Park Capital Partners).

In conjunction with the funding, Mrs. Bivens and Mr. Seidel have joined Quantason’s Board of Directors.

The company intends to use the funds to complete the IDUS™ system integration, continue product development, initiate clinical trials and strengthen the IP protection.

Led by Chairman, Edward Ray, and Dr. Edmond Rambod President and CEO, Quantason has developed a bi-modal (US/IDUS™) platform technology which aims to expand the capabilities of conventional ultrasound systems by combining anatomical 2D imaging with proprietary real-time acoustic stimulation paradigms to image, detect, locate in 3D, and classify micron-size targets, based on their unique response signatures.
According to the company, IDUS™ is sensitive to tissue characteristics and material properties which are clinically associated with disease states, such as markers of breast premalignant lesions (clusters and grouped microcalcifications) and is compatible with both automated, hands-free, volumetric ultrasound scanners as well as conventional systems with hand-held transducers. Other applications of the technology include in-situ drug delivery, precision biopsy guidance, intra-body navigation, and other unregulated and non-medical applications.



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