NestGSV Launches Startup Accelerator

NestGSV, Inc., has launched its Redwood City, Calif.-based startup accelerator.

Called “ecobator” (ecosystem + incubator), nestGSV initially focuses on Ed tech, health & bio tech, cloud/SAAS/big data, mobile/wireless, software, eCommerce & ePay, gaming/social and clean tech.

Founded by Kayvan Baroumand, CEO, nestGSV brings together entrepreneurs, investors, large corporations, professional service providers, governments and educational institutions to drive collaborative innovation, market adoption and growth.
It will hold private and public events throughout the year, including:
· Nest Invest, a private pitch event directed at the investment community and strategy partners;
· NestCon, open to the entire community, will provide thought leadership, expert panels and presentations by emerging technology companies throughout the day;
· NestEdu, weekly education courses for entrepreneurs;
· Nest International Investment Forums;

Startup companies presenting at nestGSV’s launch event include:

3DBin (SaaS), BigLittleBang (Online gaming), CityBlis (eCommerce/ Consumer Internet), Deal Labs (Technology Enabled Services), Kngine (Search/ Mobile App) OtoGo Mobile (Cloud-based ICT Solution), Pocket Literacy (Education Technology), ProVital (Big Data/ Health 2.0/ Mobile), Rendewoo (Social Discover/ Mobile App), SecondX’s (Digital Media), SMC (Life Science), Xuropa (b2b SaaS/PaaS).



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