Ubersense Raises $1.1M in Seed Funding

Ubersense, a Cambridge-MA-based technology company that helps athletes improve at any sport, has raised $1.1m in seed funding.

Backers include Atlas Venture, Google Ventures, Boston Seed Capital and other angel investors.

The company intends to use the funding to build out the product and expand operations.

Founded in early 2011 by Krishna Ramchandran, CEO, and Amit Jardosh, Ubersense has created a mobile video and collaboration platform that allows coaches at all levels, from parents to Olympic trainers, to help athletes in any sport get better. Using the Ubersense app for iPhone or iPad, coaches or athletes can video-tape and analyze their technique, compare themselves with pros, track their progress. Coaches and peers can provide feedback in-person and remotely.
The Ubersense app’s main feature is its video-based feedback experience, called Uberview, which can contain a coach’s audio feedback, instructive drawings, alterations to video playback, and comparisons.

The app can be downloaded free for a limited amount of time at http://bit.ly/ubersense_app.



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