SocialToaster Closes $1.975M Series A Funding

SocialToaster, a Baltimore, Maryland-based provider of brand advocacy programs that increase social sharing from fans on social networking sites, has closed a $1.975m Series A funding round.

The funding, which follows a $530K seed round last year from Neuberger Ventures and other individual investors, includes backing from Blu Venture Investors, Baltimore Angels, Wasabi Ventures, and Piedmont Investment Advisors.

The company intends to use the funding to build out the team with sales people, account managers, and technical staff to enhance its product, and expand its marketing efforts.

Led by CEO Brian Razzaque, SocialToaster aims to amplify corporate messaging on brands’ social networking sites. It mobilizes loyal fans – called ‘Super Fans’ – with an email whenever the media and entertainment brand, sports team, and other major brands has blog postings, events, articles, or promotions for them to promote through sharing the content with peers across all of their selected social networking sites.



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