Maeglin Software Raises Equity Funding

Maeglin Software, a Paris and Montpellier-based provider of a comprehensive set of mobile apps, has raised a new equity round of undisclosed amount.

Backers include CDC Innovation, the company’s management, and private investors such as Jean-Luc Lénart, former CEO of CCMX (now CEGID).

Maeglin intends to use the funding to strengthen its management team and accelerate its international expansion.

Founded in 2006 and led by CEO Jean-François Auriffeille, the company develops and distributes the PleexSuite, a suite of apps for data and privacy protection including PleexBackup, PleexSocial, PleexMigrator, PleexSpam, PleexEnterprise and PleexKids.
Since 2009, Maeglin Software has been growing with clients on four continents. Over the past few months, it has signed contracts with a number of new partners both in North and South America and has launched its suite with mobile operators in Africa and Asia.



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