FinSMEs Keeps on Growing

In order to move to a more professional solution that better could fit the needs of a growing blog, exactly one year ago, I moved from Blogger to a host solution on WordPress. I had imagined It could be bring changes and advantages; and during this year FinSMEs has experienced them, actually!

Content Rules
Since the move I have continued to focus on bringing funding deals taking place worldwide to you. Not only the biggest ones but even the small ones, from either a local incubator or a regional fund. But not only this: FinSMEs is also following new trends in financing such as crowdfunding (Kickstarter, CrowdCube, Symbid) and Tv shows (Shark Tank).
In addition, I have been personally interviewing some start up founders and CEOs across the planet (have a look here) to understand a bit more about their vision and future plans.
Another meaningful feature you could have noticed: I always try to highlight if a company is hiring, with the link to its career page!

The biggest name in the multinational publishing arena recently asked me to use the content in its private network.
On the revenue side, FinSMEs has become a publisher of Influads, a quality-only ad network. Other good news will come soon!!!

The Referrals
Somebody else does not ask anything but refers to FinSMEs: more than 5,000 links are included in the world’s most used free online database about startups and venture capital. Others are launching in private beta: any clue on whom they rely on?

Future Efforts
Have a look at the blog, and you easily understand I’m content focused, I’m a writer, not a designer. I know it and apologize; at the time of the move I needed a new home, a more professional SEO-friendly solution to manage a growing quantity of content. Please, appreciate my effort, all the rest will come!  keep on growing!

Ermanno Cece/FinSMEs


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