Raditaz Receives $150K in Loan from Connecticut Innovations

Raditaz LLC, a South Glastonbury, Conn.-based developer of a streaming music platform for mobile phones and the Web, has received $150k in loan from Connecticut Innovations (CI).

Connecticut Innovations provided the resources through its Pre-Seed Fund.
The company, which has secured required matching funds from an individual investor, intends to use the capital to advance its product development and marketing activities.

Led by founder and CEO Tom Brophy, Raditaz offers a streaming music platform, which is currently accessible on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones and the Web. Additionally, it lets users see stations that are trending in geographic areas throughout the United States.
In the near future, it will also be accessible across a variety of devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, Internet-enabled televisions, automobile dashboards, and audio equipment.
Raditaz will also allow listeners to customize the music they listen to, create their own custom stations, rate songs, “like” songs and/or stations across social networking sites, and share stations or individual songs with friends via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.



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