TheySay Raises up to £500k from IP Group

TheySay, an Oxford University, UK-based sentiment analysis start-up, has received an investment of up to £500k from IP Group plc (LSE: IPO).

Assuming the full amount is invested, UK intellectual property commercialisation company IP Group will have a 40% stake in TheySay.

A start-up from the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford, the company is developing software to understand the tone and sentiment of written materials with applications for businesses, government entities, public sector bodies, political organizations and individuals to monitor and measure what is being said about them on the internet.

TheySay’s core product is AffectR, a platform that employs a deep linguistic approach allowing it to interpret sentiment computationally.It can extract the sentiment portrayed towards a specified entity in a given passage of text.

The company’s platform is currently in beta and available to a group of selected customers and partners.



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