PROVA Systems Receives $50K Follow-on Investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania

PROVA Systems, LLC, a Carbondale, Lackawanna County, PA-based company that designs, develops and manufactures remote diagnostic vehicle systems for fleet management and other applications, has received a $50k follow on investment from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ben Franklin previously invested $35k in the company.

The company intends to use the capital for launch and commercial development of Fleet Genius™ Fleet Manager in a Box, a wireless OBD-2 diagnostic device and trip logger for use in passenger cars and light-duty trucks This device allows real-time field management of vehicles using data derived from its usage patterns and collected from its on-board computers. The devices provide a unified set of data points for analysis from any vehicle, allowing for an efficiency comparison among a company’s entire fleet.
The system can be used in fleet management applications and by dealers and outsourced fleet maintenance services. It also supports applications in usage-based insurance (UBI), drive-by emissions testing systems, and secure vehicle access control systems.



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