Vivolux Raises Additional Funding from Nxt2b

Vivolux AB, a Uppsala, Sweden-based drug discovery company specialized in cancer treatment, recently raised an equity funding of undisclosed from existing investor Nxt2b.

The company intends to use the capital for future development, including pharmaceutical product registration.

Vivolux has said that researchers at the Karolinska Institute have discovered a small molecule, which blocks the cellular machinery for breaking down defective proteins, leading to apoptosis – programmed cell death – of tumor cells. This drug candidate inhibits tumor growth in four different animal models, indicating that the substance could be used to treat cancer in humans. The new molecule has the capacity to kill tumor cells that are resistant to existing cancer therapy.

Founded in 2006 by CEO Hans Rosén, Vivolux has been collaborating with researchers Karolinska Institute during the last 6 months to optimize the substance and its formulation in preparation for future clinical studies. The first indication could be multiple myeloma.



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