Hively Receives $25K Seed Investment

Hively, a Portland, Oregon-based start up provider of a platform that connects businesses with their customers, recently received a $25k investment from the Portland Seed Fund.

Launched in September 2011 by CEO Jason Lander and CTO Ross Barbieri, Hively helps businesses gather and and measure real time customer satisfaction. It allows customers to rate experiences they have by clicking a rating option (a smiley face for good customer service and a frown for poor).
The solution also includes a scoring and employee ranking system designed to reward teams for providing an improved customer service.

Hively integrates with Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo, ZenDesk, Assistly and SalesForce.

The company, which already has over 50 customers in different sectors, is part of the class 01 of the the Portland Seed Fund along with other seven startups. The fund is now scouting the participants in  class 02, which will commence in late-February 2012 (Deadline: Jan. 2, 2012).



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