Oncofactor Corporation Raises Series A Funding

Oncofactor Corporation, a Seattle, WA-based developer of cancer therapeutics that disrupt signaling pathways between tumors and the immune system, has raised an undisclosed amount in Series A funding.

This is the twelfth company backed by venture-capital-backed biotechnology investment and development company Accelerator Corporation and its first investment based on internal intellectual property developed at Accelerator.

Investors include Accelerator’s syndicate partners Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Amgen Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, Inc., OVP Venture Partners, PPD, Inc., and WRF Capital.

Sarah Warren, Ph.D., will lead Oncofactor as Director of Discovery & Validation. Dr. Warren was first introduced to Accelerator as an Institute for Systems Biology (ISB)-Accelerator Venture Fellow in 2008. She will work in collaboration with the company’s Research Advisory Committee that consists of a group of biotechnology research and drug development veterans, to execute on its research plan.



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