IBM Invests $150M to Promote Entrepreneurs and Business Opportunities in the USA

IBM (NYSE: IBM) has announced a series of initiatives which are designed to promote entrepreneurs and new business opportunities in the United States during 2011.

The new $150m investment will be used to coach and mentor start-up businesses throughout the country, expand education, build skills and mentorship programs in collaboration with the academic and venture capital communities as well as provide skills and business opportunities to the community of software developers who collaborate on emerging technologies.
IBM is also leading a series of forums that bring together civic, academic, business and entrepreneurial leaders to discuss the key challenges facing our cities and communities.
In addition, the company is launching its 2011 Skills Tour, which will visit 15 college and university communities in 10 states over the next 100 days. The tour is designed to help build start-up communities and harness the innovation of academic communities. Each event brings together students and professors with business, government, venture capital and non-profit leaders from the area.
As part of the Startup America program, IBM will collaborate with other participants as the company is expanding its 100,000-member partner community.

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