Mingleverse Raises $1.4M in Seed Financing

Mingleverse, a Vancouver, Canada-based innovative 3D telecommunications technology and service for consumers on broadband mobile networks, has raised $1.4m in seed financing.
Investors include Yaletown Venture Partners, angel investors and company co-founder and CEO Ron Stevens.
Mingleverse intends to use the capital to expand marketing programs for its mobile offering and advance integration into social networking platforms.
The Mingleverse live social communication service, now with users in 196 countries, enhances the way people use social networking. Within a browser, it enables people to instantly engage with up to 50 others over the internet, allowing natural conversation in 3D voice while sharing media (pictures, TV or YouTube) with other users in the network.
The company is currently working with cellular carriers and handset makers to deliver an approved Live Social Network service they can customize and offer to their subscribers.

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