Strata Products Worldwide Receives Majority Investment from Graham Partners

Strata Products Worldwide, a Sandy Springs, GA-based provider of engineered products and services that are designed to enhance both infrastructure and miner safety throughout the global coal mining industry, has received a majority investment of undiscloses amount from Graham Partners.
According to Rory Paton-Ash, President and CEO of Strata, the partnership with Graham represents an opportunity to continue to deliver impressive financial performance.
Founded in 1992, the company has three primary divisions:
– Strata Products, including secondary roof support products for underground coal mines;
– Strata Mine Services, providing air ventilation, seals, pumps, and construction services;
– Strata Safety Products, offering safety chambers, tracking and communications devices, and equipment proximity detection products.
The company operates in several coal mining markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, China, and the Czech Republic.
Graham Partners is a lower middle market industrial private equity firm based in Philadelphia with over $1.5bn under management. 

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