nanoTherics Receives £1.1M in Funding

nanoTherics, a Stoke-on-Trent, UK-based company life sciences company developing and commercializing innovative technologies and products designed to offer more efficient ways to improve research into genetic disease disorders, has received a £1.1m investment.
Investors include Catapult Venture Managers, which committed £600k, Mercia Technology Seed Fund, which committed £200k, and private backers.
The company, which is based at the Guy Hilton Research Centre, is developing a process called transfection – the technology allowing DNA and other materials to be placed inside a target cell.
Founded in 2007, nanoTherics is selling a range of products based on nanomagnetic technology developed at Keele University and the University of Florida that enable this to be done faster, more efficiently and more productively than existing technologies.
This investment will enable the company to commercialize its products.

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