MED CASCO Receives Equity Investment from the MCI.BioVentures Fund

MED CASCO, a Polish start-up company that will offer innovative health insurance, has received an equity investment from the MCI.BioVentures fund.
The fund acquired 50% of shares in the company during its first round of financing.
MED CASCO, in exchange for a monthly fee, will guarantee the immediate availability of medical services unavailable in the currently offered health insurance or health plans.
The company aims to combine insurance and banking services to allow clients to use any medical healthcare facility and hospital in the whole country and overcome the problems related to the long time to wait for having refunded some operations by the National Health Fund or doing the procedure privately, which often exceeds the patient’s financial possibilities.
The offer is mainly aimed at clients of insurance companies, banks, lease companies, car dealerships and other institutions, who offer insurance either as a standard service or as added value.
The sales strategy is based on development, introduction and realization of affinity sales projects in the sales networks of large corporate clients including the MED CASCO service.
Within this framework, the company already signed an agreement to cooperate with InterRisk TU Vienna Insurance Group S.A.

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