Pulse Therapeutics Raises Early-Stage Funding

Pulse Therapeutics, Inc., a St. Louis, MO-based company that develops innovative magnetism-based technology to safely destroy blood clots related to ischemic stroke and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), has raised an early-stage funding of undisclosed amount.
The round was led by BioGenerator, a non-profit, seed-stage economic development funding group, with participation from Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC), Washington University’s Olin School of Business Skandalaris Student Venture Fund, and Integrated Magnetics, of Culver City, California.
The company will use the funds for further pre-clinical development of its technology, which has the potential to provide a safer, more effective treatment of ischemic stroke and deep vein thrombosis, from which a combined number of approximately 400,000 Americans die each year.
Founded by Francis Creighton, Ph.D., and Rogers Ritter, Ph.D., who were former scientists at Stereotaxis, Inc., the company is currently located in the Center of Emerging Technology.
Pulse’s scientific advisory board includes Dr. Eric Gulve, President of BioGenerator and the following Washington University faculty members:
– Dr. Ralph Dacey, Professor and Chairman of Neurosurgery;
– Dr. Colin Derdeyn, Professor of Radiology and Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurological Surgery;
– Dr. Patrick Geraghty, Associate Professor of Surgery and Radiology;
– Dr. Michael Talcott, Research Assistant Professor of Surgery and Neurosurgery and Director of Veterinary Surgical Services.

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