PhyloTech Closes $1.2m Seed Financing Round

PhyloTech, Inc., a San Francisco, CA-based developer of a technology that enables comprehensive, sensitive, and quantitative analysis of microbial communities using DNA from any sample type, has closed a $1.2m seed financing round.
Founded in June 2009 and based on proprietary PhyloChip™ and related technology, the company offers complete services including DNA amplification, labeling, fragmentation, hybridization, scanning, analysis, and web-accessible data reports.
PhyloTech provides analysis of bacterial and archaeal taxa in samples from any source to solve problems in human health, environmental damages assessment, bioremediation, recreational water quality, drinking water and food safety, and other applications.
The funds, provided by individual investors, including Seraph Group and Wavepoint Ventures, will enable the company to start its operations.
PhyloTech was founded by:
– Corey S. Goodman, PhD, a noted entrepreneur and member of the National Academy of Sciences, 
– Gary Andersen, PhD, inventor of the PhyloChip™ technology and Principal Investigator at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.
– Thane Kreiner, PhD, start-up CEO of iZumi (now iPierian).

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