American Micro Detection Systems Receives Funding from Badger Meter

American Micro Detection Systems, Inc. (AMDS), a Stockton, Calif.-based technology company that develops and manufactures innovative, real-time instruments enabling a cleaner and safer environment, has received a first round funding from Badger Meter, Inc. (NYSE: BMI).
The company is currently developing REX Generation 1, a sensor that has the ability to detect concentrations of dissolved metals in liquid flow systems down to the parts-per-billion (ppb) level in real-time. It is a self-calibrating instrument that combines the use of a proprietary patented Nano Cellular Carbon (NCC) structure to selectively capture metal ions (providing greater than 1000-fold concentration) and a novel X-ray fluorescence geometry (XRF) for detection.
The funding will enable AMDS to finalize the development of the REX Generation 1 product and begin manufacturing in the Milwaukee area, where company plans to move its marketing and sales operation in the near future.
AMDS is also working on a second product that will be able to detect hazardous chemicals.

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