FRS Company Raises $23.1M

The FRS Company, an Aurora, CO-based developer and distributor of healthy energy products, has received $23.1m in its latest financing round.

The company’s soft chews, drink concentrates, powdered drink mixes and ready cans containing the antioxidant quercetin, which is naturally found in fruits and vegetables such as red apples, grapes and berries, green tea extract and essential vitamins.
The patented FRS formula contains the highest purity quercetin as well as a mix of vitamins and metabolic enhancers to help increase quercetin absorption or bioavailability.
Quercetin has been proven in clinical studies to deliver sustained energy, help promote improved fitness and support overall health.
The financing round, which was led by Oak Investment Partners, LLC, will support the company’s aggressive business strategy for national and international expansion and strong sales growth.
The additional funds allows FRS Company to expand its sales infrastructure, including hiring some of the leading professionals in the beverage industry, and exploring distribution opportunities throughout the U.S. and internationally.
The company will also continue to support its creative marketing efforts, such as the recently launched national television advertising campaigns featuring cyclist Lance Armstrong and NBA player Derek Fisher.

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