Germany, 3M Invests in MAMA Sustainable Incubation AG

3M, through its 3M New Ventures business, invested an undisclosed amount in MAMA Sustainable Incubation AG, a Berlin, Germany-based newly formed technology incubator specializing in the development of solutions for emerging green-markets such as renewable energy, sustainable architecture and water treatment.
Headquartered in Seefeld, Germany, 3M New Ventures identifies highly innovative companies and future technologies. These opportunities include investments in the strategic sectors of energy, water, architecture, media, healthcare and safety and security, with linkages to 3M.
Commenting on the transaction, Stefan Gabriel, president, 3M New Ventures, was quoted as saying: “This investment reflects both our long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability and our passion for innovation.
“With 3M’s support, MAMA will seek, explore and develop early-stage innovations to enable scalable solutions to the world’s sustainability challenges”.
With operations starting in early 2010, MAMA specializes in the development of successful sustainable technologies and businesses. It provides both early-state and later stage equity funding and develops projects and technologies for emerging markets.
The company was founded by long-standing European entrepreneurs Paulus Neef and Volker Weber.

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