UK, Rotherham-Based Sensdata Raises £80,000 from Local Business Angel

Sensdata Ltd, a Rotherham, UK-based developer of an energy saving device applicable across all manufacturing sectors, has raised £80,000 from Simon Smith, a local business angel.
The SensSlip system, developed by Sheffield-based engineer, Robert Brown, automatically monitors the level of slippage in belt drive systems, which are used widely in most manufacturing machinery.
As belts slip, processes become less efficient, energy is wasted and belts are more likely to break, which means higher costs and higher carbon emissions. Checking and re-setting belts is time-consuming, so automatic monitoring ensures maintenance is only carried out when needed, reducing down time and costs.
Simon Smith, a member of the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels, not only has provided the financial resources but has also been helping to add additional features for remote monitoring, so data from each device can be viewed online from any location and maintenance staff can receive email or text alerts when there’s a problem with a belt.
According to Smith, the potential market for SensSlip is substantial both in the UK and in Europe. “We’re now recruiting sales staff and will be starting to promote the product to the manufacturing and utility sectors in the New Year”, he said.

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