SynGest Selects Stern Brothers to Secure Financing for Its Iowa Bio-Ammonia Project

SynGest, Inc., a San Francisco, CA- and Oelwein, IA-based company which intends to become the dominant player in the production and distribution of anhydrous ammonia made from biomass, has engaged Stern Brothers & Co. to raise capital for its first biomass-to-ammonia plant to be located in Menlo, Iowa.

As stated by John May, Managing Director at Stern Brothers, while the company intends to analyze a broad range of financing options, its primary focus will be on loans and loan guarantees, tax credits, taxable and tax-exempt bonds, and other forms of private and institutional investment.
“Our ultimate objective is to put together the lowest cost long term financing package for this first-of-its-kind project. We have reviewed SynGest’s proprietary technology, and are confident that it can be put to good and profitable use in Iowa and beyond”, May added.

After the Iowa project is launched this year, SynGest intends to build similar fertilizer mini-plants in other parts of the country. Discussions regarding emerging opportunities are presently underway with interested parties in Ohio, Oregon, Michigan and Minnesota.



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