Harvest Automation Secures $4.0M in Series A Equity Financing

Harvest Automation, Inc., a Groton, MA-based robotics company developing solutions for material handling, secured $4.0m in Series A equity financing.
Investors in the company include Life Sciences Partners (LSP), the Midpoint Food & Ag Fund, and Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation (MTDC).
The HarvestAI team is made up of engineers and executives who have invented and successfully brought to market many leading robotic and other technology platforms including the RoombaTM from iRobot Corporation. 

Speaking about the company, Charlie Grinnell, founder and CEO, said: “Our expertise is in applying practical robotics to improve worker productivity with a focus on harsh, manual labor tasks.
“Traditional material handling robots have been associated with fixed-function factory automation, which generally operate in indoor, tightly controlled work spaces.
“We have a very different solution that uses teams of small, agile, mobile robots (AMR’s) designed to work flexibly with human workers in a broad range of uncontrolled environments making them suitable for many market applications”.


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