France, Adocia Raises €14M in Second Venture Funding Round

Adocia, a Lyon, France-based biotechnology company specialized in protein delivery, has raised €14m in its second round of funding.
Investors in the round include:
– the biotech fund Fonds InnoBio, managed by CDC Enterprises within the framework of the Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement, which committed €6m;
– SHAM, a Lyon-based insurance company, which committed €2m;
– existing investors, which committed €6m.
In 2007, the company raised €12m through a venture capital round led by AGF Private Equity, with participation from Société Générale Asset Management, Bioam Gestion, Viveris Management and private investors including Jean Deleage and Alain Tornier.
Adocia’s mission is to offer innovative treatments for tissue regeneration based on growth factors.
To this end, the company has created and developed a unique technology, BioChaperoneTM, to provide a spatio-temporal control of protein activity.
New capital will be used to continue development of its technology and to commercialise its first two products, BioChaperone PDGF-BB for wound healing, and BioChaperone BMP for bone repair.

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