Revitalization Capital Partners Launches Fund Providing Turnaround Financing

Veteran turn around professionals Alan Davis and Bill Lawrence of Revitalization Partners received an initial $50m pledge of capital to be invested in distressed or capital constrained middle market companies throughout the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.
The new venture – Revitalization Capital Partners – will be managed by Davis and Lawrence and will work with established companies and quality management who find themselves cash constrained or in need of a capital partner to support a distressed strategic acquisition.
Company situations may include:
Rescue financing for capital constrained companies unable to access traditional capital sources
–Preferred Equity
–Term Loans
–Convertible or Mezzanine Debt
Companies burdened by overleveraged balance sheets and facing complex business or structural issues
–Companies orphaned divisions or tired private equity sponsors
–Secondary Purchases of distressed debt securities such as bank loans and mezzanine debt
–Acquisitions pursuant to 363 sales
–Bridge Financing
–DIP Financings
According to an official statement, transaction sizes range from $10 to $25m although both smaller and larger transactions will be considered depending on unique circumstances.

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