LA, Jewish Community Foundation Awards $250,000 Grant to Incubator Jumpstart

The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles has agreed a three-year, $250,000 award to Jewish Jumpstart, an incubator and think tank dedicated to supporting Jewish innovation.

The award, agreed through the foundation’s “Cutting Edge Grants Initiative”, will fund Jumpstart L.A., a new initiative to assist local Jewish startups with infrastructure and operational support.
Jumpstart will provide incubation services and assistance in areas such as technology, communication, governance and strategic planning.
Commenting on the initiative, Foundation President and CEO Marvin I. Schotland, said: “A new generation of creative Jewish social entrepreneurs is emerging, but the current economic environment makes it particularly challenging for them to realize their dreams. The Foundation, in keeping with its vision of a dynamic Los Angeles Jewish community, continues to provide critical seed funding to social innovators, despite the economic downturn. Our grant serves to validate the importance of Jumpstart’s mission, connecting and strengthening new and young organizations serving Jewish Los Angeles”.

The Foundation has also announced that the deadline to apply for its 2010 Cutting Edge Grants is Nov. 30, 2009.

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