ALung Secures $2.5M

Pittsburgh, PA-based ALung Technologies, Inc., a developer of a device designed to replace or supplement ventilators in hospitals., has raised $2.5m.
The funds will be used to finance the Indian and German clinical trials as well as support working capital needs.
The Hemolung System is designed to remove carbon dioxide and deliver oxygen directly to the patient’s blood via a small catheter, inserted into the jugular or femoral vein, similar to acute kidney dialysis. This treatment is expected to provide a significant benefit over intubation and mechanical ventilation, in that it will allow the patient to talk and eat, and avoid sedation, while giving the lungs the opportunity to heal.
The device is expected to positively impact clinical outcomes and reduce the length of hospital stays by several days, resulting in a significant reduction of total medical costs for providers and insurers.
ALung is moving forward with a five patient trial in India on the Hemolung System, and a 20 patient pilot trial in Germany.
Both trials are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2009.

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